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Orchardgrass is a very high-yielding, bunch-type grass that is an excellent companion grass with alfalfa or red clover. It starts growth early in spring and develops rapidly. It can be used for hay, pasture, silage, or green chop. Orchardgrass is more drought and heat tolerant than Timothy, perennial ryegrass, or Kentucky bluegrass. It will generally persist longer than other cool-season grasses in frequently cut, properly managed alfalfa mixtures.

HLR Orchardgrass

Late Maturing Variety. Best for Hay/Pasture

  • From Barenbrug
  • Later maturing than Latar and less clumpy than traditional species
  • High in digestibility
  • Good winter-hardiness
  • Good rust resisitance
  • Superior alfalfa companion
  • Seed 3-5 lbs/acre in a mix or 8-12 lbs/acre straight

Amba Orchardgrass

General Purpose

  • Medium-early growth
  • High dry matter yields and excellent forage quality
  • Highly digestible forage
  • Very winter hardy
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