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Timothy is a very palatable and nutritious cool-season bunchgrass. It is an excellent hay companion grass because it does not compete with legumes; however, nearly all of its production is harvested in the first cutting of the year. It is very winter hardy and produces excellent quality forage. It is also used for pasture and silage and can be combined with legumes and/or other grasses for filter strips or waterways. It is best adapted to rich, moist bottomlands and finer textured soils, such as clay loams. Timothy is relatively short-lived and not the most productive grass.

Climax Timothy

Consistent High Yields

  • Excellent winter-hardiness
  • Highly palatable
  • Leafy, rust resistant
  • Extremely persistent
  • Most production is early in season
  • Best used with alfalfa or clover
  • Seed 1-2 lbs/acre in a mix or 8 lbs/acre straight

Barpenta Timothy

Late Maturing, High Quality

  • Fast establishing and late maturing Timothy from Barenbrug
  • Excellent disease resistance
  • Highly palatable
  • Above average persistence
  • Very good yield potential
  • Good winterhardiness
  • Excellent hay companion
  • Prefers heavier soils with adequate moisture
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