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Festulolium is a cool-season hybrid of ryegrass and Meadow Fescue that combines the quick establishment, high productivity, and palatability of ryegrass with the persistence and heat/drought tolerance of fescue. It works well in pasture mixes and can provide season-long grazing. Festulolium also works well as an alfalfa companion grass and will provide high yields and very high-quality forage for dry hay, haylage, or green chopping. It should not be seeded alone due to its susceptibility to cold injury.

Spring Green Festulolium

  • Very high yielding cross between Meadow Fescue and Italian Ryegrass
  • Very good spring yields and fast establishment
  • Excellent forage quality
  • Should be mixed with other species to aid in winter survival and persistence
  • Best suited for medium-heavy soils
  • Seed 25-45 lbs/acre straight or 5-10 lbs/acre in a mix
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