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Oats are an annual cereal grain that can be used as a nurse crop to establish alfalfa, chopped for livestock feed, or raised for grain. Spring oats are planted very early in the spring, are tolerant to cold, fast establishing, and mature in the middle of the summer. We are a dedicated supporter of oat breeding at the University level and carry a diverse selection of oat varieties to suit any purpose.
Oats Agronomic Basics

Medium Brand Oats*

Low Cost Oat Blend

  •  Economical high yielding oat blend
  • Good, cheap option for chopping, bailing or cover cropping
  • Medium maturity, Good standing
  • Medium height oats
  • Sold in bags or clean bulk (100 bu. minimum)

Shelby427 Oats

Racehorse Oats

  • Highest test weight in U of MN, U of WI and SDSU trials
  • Early maturity, Very good yields
  • Tall oats with good standability, can be underseeded
  • Good disease resistance
  • Excellent for feed, milling, cut forage or straw production
  • White Seed (released by SD)

Saber Oats

Good Standing, High Test Weight

  • Our best oat for underseeding with alfalfa, clovers, grasses or forage mixtures
  • A high yielding cross of Tack & Spurs
  • Early maturity, shorter variety, good standing
  • Very good test weight
  • Average disease resistance
  • Yellow seed (Released by IL)

Forage Plus Oats

True Forage-Type Oats

  • True forage-type oat for exceptional yields and quality
  • Delayed heading over regular oats (7-10 days)
  • Leafy and soft stemmed
  • Medium-tall height; good standability
  • Not recommended for underseeding with alfalfa
  • Avoid droughty soils
  • Seed 3 bu/acre for maximum yields

Deon Oats (Out of Stock)

Full-season Oats, All-purpose

  • Consistent high yielding oats
  • State-wide yield winner in UMN variety trials from 2010-2012
  • Excellent disease resistance to crown rust, smut, and BYDV
  • Medium tall oats with good standability
  • Later maturity, later than Rockford
  • Good test weight
  • Yellow seed (released by UMN)

Hayden Oats

Excellent Forage Quality

  • High yielding with excellent test weight
  • Medium-height, Medium-maturity
  • Good standing
  • Excellent smut resistance
  • White Seed (Release by SDSU)

Antigo Oats

Short, Early, Good Test Weight

  • Highest test weight oat in the U of WI trials
  • Average yield potential
  • Excellent choice for milling markets
  • Short, early, good-standing
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