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Reed Canarygrass

Reed Canarygrass is a flood-tolerant, high-yielding, sod-forming grass which spreads by rhizomes. It can be harvested as pasture, silage, or hay and has good forage quality when cut or grazed in a timely fashion. However, it produces low-quality forage quickly if not harvested on time. It is slow to establish, has poor seedling vigor, and low forage yields in the seeding year. Once established, it has excellent winterhardiness, drought tolerance, and disease resistance. It is the only perennial grass that will tolerate standing water for more than 48 hours, making it invasive in wetland environments.

Low Alkaloid Reed Canarygrass*

Productive and Persistent

  • Widely adapted, tolerates low pH
  • Performs well on poorly-drained & wet soils
  • Very drought tolerant
  • Very slow to establish
  • For best quality cut or graze early in the season
  • Does not tolerate close grazing
  • Seed 2-4 lbs/acre in a mix or 8-10 lbs/acre straight
  • * = Variety Not Stated
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