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Untreated Hybrids

58-85 UNT P (Out of Stock)

85 day C.R.M.

Yield, Stress Tolerance, and Adaptability


  • Extremely high yield potential for an early hybrid
  • Highest non-GMO purity available in Organic seed corn
  • Slightly earlier cross of O.45-88P
  • Excellent flex ear for varied populations with above-average test weight grain
  • Strong emergence and early growth
  • Tall height; excellent dual-purpose potential for grain or silage
  • Best performance in zone; avoid moving south for early production or replant
  • Available as  'Pure' seed [99% GMO-Free]

68-86 UNT

86 day C.R.M.

Excellent Drought Stress Tolerance

  • Very high yield potential
  • Hybrid specifically selected for outstanding drought tolerance across a wide range of soil types
  • Excellent root and stalk strength allows for more harvest flexbility
  • Widely adapted East to West
  • Very good late season plant health
  • Moves South well as an early hybrid

71-90GS UP UNT

90 day C.R.M.

Adaptable, Go-Anywhere Hybrid for Grain or Silage
99.9% GMO-Free

  • Excellent yield performance across all soil types and environments
  • Highest non-GMO purity available in organic seed corn
  • Tall height; excellent testing results as a dual-purpose hybrid for silage
  • Very good grain quality and heavy test weight
  • Flowers early and matures early for a 90-day
  • Nice staygreen into the fall
  • Ideally suited for planting in zone; avoid moving too far south

42-92GS UNT

92 day C.R.M.

Outstanding Dual-Purpose Genetics

  • Industry-leading corn genetics with outstanding overall performance
  • Impressive performance across varying soil types, planting populations, and environmental conditions
  • Strong stalks and roots give you harvest flexibility
  • Very Good seedling vigor for early planting
  • Medium-tall plant that has tested very well as a dual-purpose silage hybrid

7292 UNT

95 day C.R.M.

Proven Yield and Toughness,

  • The most widely-planted and successful 95-day genetics in MN and SD over the last 10 years
  • Exceptional root strength and drought tolerance
  • Very good ear flex, good performance at moderate to high populations
  • Best performance north of Hwy. 18 in Iowa
  • Not a racehorse, but consistently good performance year after year
  • Not a good choice for late-harvested fields
  • No stated purity guarantee

60-01P UNT

101 day C.R.M.

Consistent, High Yielding Genetics

  • Exciting genetics with unmatched yield power in conventional corn, competing well with elite hybrids in the marketplace
  • Attractive medium-tall plant with good stalk and root strength
  • Semi-flex ear with very good test weight
  • Very good disease tolerance
  • Very good overall plant health and fall intactness
  • One of our best-selling hybrids for many years

40-03UNT UP

103 day C.R.M.

High Yielding Workhorse

  • Outstanding yield potential, competing well with the leading hybrids in this maturity
  • Same base genetics as O.86-03UP
  • Broadly adapted to a wide range of soil types and populations
  • Medium-short hybrid with excellent standability
  • Excellent drought stress tolerance
  • Very strong stalks and roots help keep it standing well into the fall
  • Good disease resistance package

42-08P UNT (Out of Stock)

108 day C.R.M.

Well-Rounded Hybrid, Yields and Drydown

  • Tall hybrid with excellent yield potential
  • Excellent disease package, staygreen and late-season health
  • Superior emergence and early-season growth make this a competitive hybrid
  • Excellent dual-purpose potential for grain or silage
  • Suitable for variable soil types

74-10GS UNT

110 day C.R.M.

Grain? Silage? Take Your Pick

  • Outstanding grain yields
  • Medium height; impressive root strength
  • Excellent overall plant health with good late-season intactness and appearance
  • Very strong all-around agronomics
  • Widely adapted across many soil types and populations
  • Very good tonnage and excellent quality when chopped for silage


112 day C.R.M.

Dual-Purpose Monster

  • Yields with the best available conventional genetics in the marketplace
  • Medium-tall, healthy plant
  • Outstanding root & stalk strength
  • Broadly adapted throughout the corn belt, performs well across different soil types, populations and management systems
  • Very good test weight and grain quality
  • Has shown excellent results in silage testing
  • True white cob hybrid

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