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Untreated Hybrids

Viking 21-85 UNT

85 day C.R.M.

Grain or Silage, Excellent Early Choice

  • Medium-Tall Hybrid with excellent top-end yield potential
  • Excellent choice for dual-purpose in northern corn growing regions
  • Very good ear flex. Handles variable populations
  • Very good stalk strength
  • Well-adapted East to West in the northern corn belt
  • Very good emergence
  • No stated purity guarantee

Viking 90-91UNT

91 day C.R.M.

Excellent Yields and Stress Tolerance

  • Consistent high yield potential across multiple soil types, planting populations, and environmental conditions
  • Excellent stalk strength and good root strength
  • Proven above-average drought stress tolerance
  • Medium-height plant with very good ear flex
  • Good plant health, average test weight
  • Broadly adapted across ND to VT
  • No stated purity guarantee

Viking 42-92N UNT

92 day C.R.M.

Outstanding New Conventional

  • Industry-leading corn genetics with outstanding overall performance
  • Impressive performance across varying soil types, planting populations, and environmental conditions
  • Strong stalks and roots give you harvest flexibility
  • Very Good seedling vigor for early planting
  • Medium-tall plant that has tested very well as a dual-purpose silage hybrid

Viking 74-93P UNT -NEW!

93 day C.R.M.

Impressive Yield, Grain Quality, and Drought Tolerance

  • Exceptional drought stress tolerance
  • High test weight hybrid with excellent grain quality
  • Excellent stalks and roots
  • Tall grain hybrid that could double as an early silage hybrid
  • Widely adapted east-west across ND, SD, MN, WI, and MI
  • Does move south well as an early hybrid

Viking 7292N UNT

95 day C.R.M.

Proven Yield and Toughness,

  • The most widely-planted and successful 95-day genetics in MN and SD over the last 10 years
  • Exceptional root strength and drought tolerance
  • Very good ear flex, good performance at moderate to high populations
  • Best performance north of Hwy. 18 in Iowa
  • Not a racehorse, but consistently good performance year after year
  • Not a good choice for late-harvested fields
  • No stated purity guarantee

Viking 69-99P UNT

99 day C.R.M.

Good Hybrids Always Make a Comeback


  • Excellent yield potential
  • Mixed white cob/pink cob hybrid with excellent ear flex that allows it to do well at moderate plant populations
  • Good early-season growth, likes heat
  • Good drought-stress tolerance
  • Potentially a good hand-picking corn
  • Above-average height, good dual-purpose use as a silage hybrid
  • Coated with Soil Biotics 1r

Viking 60-01P UNT

101 day C.R.M.

Unmatched Yield Power, Plot Winner

  • Exciting genetics with unmatched yield power in conventional corn, competing well with elite hybrid sin the marketplace
  • Attractive medium-tall plant with good stalk and root strength
  • Semi-flex ear with very good test weight
  • Very good disease tolerance
  • Very good overall plant health and fall intactness
  • One of our best-selling hybrids for many years

Viking 40-03UP UNT -NEW!

103 day C.R.M.

High Yielding Workhorse

  • Outstanding yield potential, competing well with the leading hybrids in this maturity
  • Same base genetics as O.86-03UP
  • Broadly adapted to a wide range of soil types and populations
  • Medium-short hybrid with excellent standability
  • Excellent drought stress tolerance
  • Very strong stalks and roots help keep it standing well into the fall
  • Good disease resistance package

Viking 50-04N UNT

104 day C.R.M.

Excellent and Adaptable Hybrid

  • Consistent-yielding hybrid over a wide range of environments and management systems
  • Tall hybrid with very good stalk strength
  • Excellent ear flex
  • Very good drought tolerance; widely adapted to different populations
  • Excellent dual-purpose hybrid; good milk/acre returns as silage
  • We sell out early every year

Viking 42-08P UNT -NEW!

108 day C.R.M.

Highest Yielding Hybrid: 2014 & 2015 Advancement Trials.

  • Outstanding yield potential
  • Excellent emergence
  • Semi-flex ear with the ability to yield at variable populations
  • Good overall plant health and staygreen
  • Very tall hybrid with potential for dual-purpose

Viking 53-10GS -NEW! (Out of Stock)

110 day C.R.M.

Exceptional Dual-Purpose Hybrid With Outstanding Milk/Acre Production

Albert Lea Seed

  • Excellent yield potential for grain and silage across a variety of field conditions
  • Superior disease package, excellent late-season and in-season health
  • Very tall height, excellent dual-purpose potential for grain or silage
  • Very good early season growth and seed emergence
2015 Silage Data
DM Tons % DM % CP % Sugar % Starch Ton/Acre
8.32 34.5 8.17 1.53 42.9 23.8
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