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Organic Soybeans



Highest Yielding Early Soybean; Clear Hilum

  • Very high yielding, yellow hilum soybean
  • Released by ND, widely adapted
  • Average protein, dual-purpose marketing potential
  • Rps1c gene for Phytophthora tolerance
  • Good tolerance to IDC on high pH soils
  • Very good standing

Viking O.1544AT


Expanded Options For Aphid Resistance

  • Rag1 aphid-tolerant genetics provide maximum yield protection for organic growers
  • Better field IDC tolerance than O.1955AT
  • Average protein, dark hilum feed-grade soybean
  • Below-average height soybean with excellent standability
  • Slow emerging variety
  • Keep off of cyst ground

Viking O.1706N


Cyst-Resistant, Very High Yields

  • Widely adapted, excellent emergence
  • Cyst-resistant soybean with good all-around defense (PI88788)
  • Very good yield potential, consistently high yields
  • Average protein, dark hilum feed-grade soybean
  • Very good field tolerance to Phytophthora, MR to BSR, and MT to white mold
  • Medium-tall, bushy plant suitable for wide rows

Viking O.1955AT


Aphid Resistant, Strong Yield Potential

  • Rag1 aphid tolerant genetics provide maximum yield protection for organic growers
  • Excellent yield potential
  • Medium-tall, medium-bush plant type
  • Average protein, dark hilum feed-grade soybean
  • Good field results in 2012; lowered aphid counts vs. non-resistant beans
  • Good field tolerance to Phytophthora 
  • Avoid fields with a history of BSR

Viking O.1922N -New!


High Yielding, High Protein Clear Hilum Soybean

  • Excellent yield potential for a clear hilum soybean
  • 53.9 bu/acre in 2-year Iowa State testing
  • Produces oil with low linoleic acid levels
  • Large seeded, high protein clear hilum soybean
  • Field resistance to soybean cyst nematode
  • Medium to Medium-Short stature soybean with excellent standability



High Yielding, Very Marketable

Albert Lea Seed

  • Food-grade soybean with very good yield
  • 53.6 bu/Acre in 2010 Iowa State Trials
  • Large seeded, high protein soybean
  • Excellent recognition with soy marketers
  • Tall, bushy plant type; good standing for a food-type soybean
  • IA State license required for saving seed/replanting.  Call Julie Minot at ISU with questions (515) 294-9442

Viking O.2265


Proven Yields and Agronomic Performance

  • Second highest-yielding soybean in 2011 U of MN Specialty Trials
  • For over 2 years, Viking 2265 has out-yielded every conventional, RR, or LL soybean we’ve tested it against
  • Average protein, dark hilum feed-grade soybean
  • Medium-tall, bushy plant type with very good lodging resistance
  • Excellent emergence and very strong Phytophthora field tolerance
  • Excellent white mold tolerance, some tolerance to SDS

Viking O.2299N -New!


Highest Yielding Organic Soybean We've Tested ; Cyst Resistant

  • Outyielded all other varieties in 3 years of IA State University trials
  • Clear Hilum average protein soybean; potential dual purpose marketability
  • Medium-Tall variety with good standability
  • Resistant to cyst nematode
  • Superior IDC tolerance