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Non-GMO Alfalfa Varieties

Alfalfa is a tap-rooted, multi-cut, perennial forage legume. It is very productive, drought tolerant, widely adapted, and is the second most commonly planted forage legume in the world. We carry a wide range of alfalfa varieties to fit most farming situations and budgets.  
Alfalfa Agronomic Basics

WL 353LH (Leafhopper)

Best Leafhopper Resistance

Premium Leafhopper Resistant Alfalfa

  • 7th-generation potato leafhopper resistance is the best in the industry
  • Very high yielding under 3, 4, and 5-cut harvest managements
  • Superior digestibility produces more milk or beef and greater profitability
  • Excellent winterhardiness / persistance
  • Dark green, fine stemmed and highly digestible plants make high quality hay or haylage
  • A 'perfect' Disease Rating Index of 30/30
  • Coated with OMRI-approved APEX Green Seed Coating

Viking 370HD Brand

High Digestability

Our Best Value in Cow-Tested, Highly-Digestible Alfalfa

  • Exceptional yield combined with outstanding digestibility means more milk or beef per acre
  • Holds its quality, giving you a wider harvest window
  • Very fast re-growth after cutting (FD=3.7)
  • Excellent winterhardiness combined with a 30/30 Disease Rating Index
  • Inoculated with Nitragin Gold (OMRI listed)

Foregrazer Brand (Traffic-Tolerant)


Replaces Stampede, Better Yield and Quality

  • Heavy duty, high yielding alfalfa geared for aggressive cut systems of 3-, 4-, or 5-cuts/year
  • Foregrazer Brand has sunken crowns for more protection from hoof and/or wheel traffic
  • Excellent choice for haying or grazing, giving you more flexibility
  • Exceptional disease resistance with Aphanomyces Races 1 & 2 resistance
  • Very high forage quality combined with excellent yield potential
  • Very good winter hardiness ratings (WSI=1.8) and good regrowth (FD=4.0)
  • Superior Disease Resistance Index rating (DRI=30/30)
  • Inoculated with Nitragin® Gold (OMRI listed)


Matrix Creeping

Creeping Alfalfa

Creeping Alfalfa with Disease Resistance!

  • Strong yields and high quality with a second-to-none creeping habit (spreads by roots)
  • On lighter soils and drier conditions, can out-yield tap-rooted varieties
  • The first creeping alfalfa with excellent all-around disease resistance for wetter soils (DRI=25/30)
  • Has some tolerance to frost heaving and ice sheeting (FD=2)
  • Begins creeping habit sooner than any other creeping alfalfa
  • Matrix Creeping Alfalfa is included in our Grazing Mix for high-quality, high-tonnage pasture mix
  • Inoculated with Nitragin® Gold (OMRI)

Viking 357 Brand (Out of Stock)

Tonnage Monster

Tonnage Monster for Most Classes of Livestock

  • One of the fastest establishing alfalfa varieties tested in any state
  • One of the highest yielding varieties in first year of university testing (112% of the avg.)
  • Best suited for hay and haylage producers loooking for excellent yields
  • Exceptional disease resistance with Aphanomyces Race1 & Race2 resistance (DRI 30/30)
  • Good re-growth after cutting (FD=3.4)
  • Good winter hardiness  (WSI=2.5) & resistance to major root diseases give you good persistence
  • Inoculated with Nitragin Gold (OMRI listed)

Cisco/Nitrogen Brand

Plowdown Alfalfa

  • An improved alfalfa variety bred for maximum one-year biomass production & N-fixation
  • Excellent leaf retention and forage quality
  • Very high Fall Dormancy rating (FD=9.0)
  • Best used on well drained soils as a single season hay field or plowdown crop
  • Will winterkill in the upper-Midwest

Viking 3100 Brand (Out of Stock)

Agronomically Strong

Agronomically Strong, Good Yields

  • One of our all-time best-selling alfalfa varieties 
  • Good yielding and good recovery after cutting (FD=3.0) 
  • Very good winter hardiness (WSI=2.6)
  • Very good Disease Resistance Index (28/30) provides good persistence 
  • Inoculated with Nitragin® Gold (OMRI)

Black Market Flemish Brand

Quick Recovery Alfalfa

Grows Fast—Great For Short Rotations or as a Plowdown

  • A quick-recovery Flemish-type alfalfa best suited for shorter rotations or as a plowdown
  • Best suited to well-drained soils due to its limited disease resistance
  • Inoculated with Nitragin® Gold (OMRI)



  • Excellent winter hardiness
  • Low disease tolerance; best suited for well drained acres
  • Economical choice for hay or plowdown
  • Inoculated with Nitragin Gold (OMRI)

Honest John Brand

Good Value

You will not find a Better Value in Alfalfa Seed

  • A blend of high-yielding, disease-resistant alfalfas with good winter hardiness
  • Well-adapted for haylage or dry hay across the upper-Midwest
  • Some lots contain > 3% red clover-listed clearly on the tag
  • Inoculated with Nitragin Gold (OMRI-listed)

Viking 390AP Brand

Best Disease Resistance

Best-in-Class Disease Resistance, Yield, and Quality

  • Resistance to multiple strains of Race2 Aphanomyces
  • Very high yields, fast establishment and recovery
  • Excellent quality, high leaf retention
  • Consistent performance over a wide range of soil types
  • High fall dormancy (FD=4) suitable for 3- and 4-cut systems
  • Excellent winter survival (WSI=2.0)
  • A “perfect” Disease Resistance Index of 30/30
  • Inoculated with Nitragin® Gold (OMRI-listed)

Viking 300BR Brand


The Best Alfalfa for Poorly Drained Soils

  • Selected for yield and high expression of the branch-rooted trait
  • Keeps more root above the water table
  • Secures plant in ground better to reduce frost heaving
  • High yielding and winter hardy (WSI=1.7)
  • Excellent disease resistance (DRI=30/30)
  • Quick recovery after cutting (FD=3.8)
  • Very good traffic tolerance
  • Inoculated with Nitragin® Gold (OMRI-listed)

Viking 372HD Brand -New

Exceptional Yield & Digestiblity

Exceptional High Yield Paired with High Quality

  • Next generation of quality (HD = high digestibility)
  • Simply more milk to acre, period.
  • Very persistent (WSI=2.0) variety with very good plant health
  • Excellent disease tolerance (DRI=30/30) allows for planting on a wide range of soil types
  • Very fast recovery after cutting (FD=3.6)
  • Inoculated with Nitragin Gold (OMRI-listed)
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