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We love the stories that you tell us, and when we are not too busy we write them down. These are actual stories you have told us or emailed us (lightly edited). We do not fact-check these stories, so take them with a grain of salt. If you have a good farming story, please submit it and we will add it to the collection.
Farming Stories
I feed my beef cows with teff grass. When we get calves I like to throw in a bunch of teff. I never have to worry about them overeating it. I usually get three cuts. Last year my third cut was the best because I let it go a week longer due to the rain – must have gotten about 1/3 more on that cut than the others. Also, I sell some to horse owners. I put on about 50lbs of actual nitrogen after the first cutting. We cut put it on before the first cutting, but we never seem to have time to do it then. The coop will also throw in some potash and phosphate. We really like it! Its just a much better option where alfalfa won’t do well.

“I have a low field that doesn’t grow soybeans worth a dang so I thought I’d take a chance on some oats this year. They were Shelby 427 from you guys and I averaged my scale tickets and I yielded around 170 bu/acre. I also got 100 small square straw bales per acre too. Great year for oats.”

“I planted organic Viking O.1544AT soybean and Pioneer 91M10. The aphid tolerance is making a big difference…Viking bean yielded 22 more bushel/acre than Pioneer.”

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