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A new law in Minnesota requires farmers to plant perennial vegetative strips between cropland and waterways – including ditches – by November 1, 2018. The buffer strips will help filter runoff from fields to help minimize impact to streams, rivers and lakes.

Albert Lea Seed is a certified provider of native seeds and other seed mixes suited to meet the requirements of the Minnesota Buffer Law. Call us at (800) 352-5247 to discuss your growing conditions and objectives.

Minnesota Buffer Law Seed Mix Options

MN CP21 Buffer Strip Mix

A native grass mix to meet NRCS CRP guidelines.

  • Formulated to meet NRCS Buffer Strip requirements
  • Controls soil erosion by wind & water
  • Improve soil quality
  • Improves water quality by removing sediment, fertilizer, pesticides, pathogens and other contaminants from runoff
  • Enhance fish & wildlife habitat
  • Reduce flooding

Waterway Mix

  • Our most versatile, diverse and adaptable grass mix
  • High species diversity ensures consistent performance across variable soil & field conditions
  • Long-lived & persistent
  • No need for a cover crop; Annual Ryegrass acts as a cover crop in the mix
  • Best used in waterways, ditches, construction projects or as a cheap permanent pasture mix
  • Seed 25-30 lbs/acre 

Haymaker Mix

  • Productive & economical alfalfa, grass & clover blend 
  • Designed for medium length rotations
  • Best suited for haylage or baleage. Add additional grasses for dry hay
  • Red clover may slow drydown
  • Best suited for well-drained soils; can handle wetter ground better than Beef Pro
  • Seed 15-20 lbs/acre

MN CP2 / CP23 / CP28 Mix

  • For establishing and maintaining cover to protect soil and water resources on land retired from ag production
  • Reduces soil erosion and sedimentation, improve water quality, and create or enhance wildlife habitat

MN CP25 / IA CP25 Mix

  • For Restoring tallgrass prairie plants and associated wildlife species
  • Contains about 10 grass species and 17 forbs. 
  • Ideal for mesic soil conditions.  Available for other soil types upon request
  • Iowa-Minimum of 40 seeds/sq ft; 30 grasses/sq ft and 10 forbs/sq ft
  • Minnesota-Minimum of 35 seed/sq ft; 7 PLS lb/ac of grass, 16 PLS oz/acre of forbs
  • CP38 is synonymous with CP25

MN CP42 / IA CP42 Pollinator Mix

  • For restoring and conserving native plant communities to benefit pollinators, monarchs and beneficial insects
  • 5-8 grass species and 20+ forbs species
  • Blooms continuously throughout the season
  • Minimum of two native bunch grasses to provide nest sites
  • Ideal for mesic soil conditions.  Available for other soil types upon request

Big Rack Deer Mix (Perennial)

Seed 18-20 lbs/acre

  • Our own unique mix containing a Red Clover, White Clover, Alsike Clover,  Alfalfa, perennial ryegrass, forage rape & winter rye for a nurse crop.
  • Best perennial mix on the market and bang for your buck
  • Year-long, high energy forage for deer and turkey
  • If fall planting, mow the following spring to keep winter rye from dominating the mix
  • Seed 18-20 lbs/acre; Plant April-May or August 1st-August 15th.
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