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Our Partnership with NorthStar Genetics!                                         

We are excited about becoming a Distributor for NorthStar Genetics!    

Through this partnership with with NorthStar Genetics, Albert Lea Seed will continue to provide traited corn and soybean seed to its customers and dealers.      

This partnership allows us to serve our customers and dealers with:

More choice!
    1. More trait packages:NorthStar is licensed by all the trait and genetic providers and is excited about providing farmers with what they want.For example, we now offer NorthStar Genetics Liberty-Link Soybeans, and RoundupReady 2Xtend Soybeans.
    2. More maturity choices: NorthStar sells soybean seed from Winnipeg to Ames and has 52 varieties from 0.00 to 2.4
  1. All the great hybrids we have carried.If you had a favorite Viking Roundup Ready Hybrid, don’t worry, we probably still carry it (although it may have a new number).
  2. Input on the trait and genetic packages we offer in a NorthStar bag. Because we have a very good relationship with NorthStar, we are involved with variety evaluation and selection.We are going to make sure that we offer NorthStar hybrids and soybean varieties that serve the needs of our customers.

The folks at NorthStar Genetics are the experts on traited corn and soybean seed, which will perfectly complement our Viking Brand.  We are sure of that, because we’ve known them for 20 years.  Albert Lea Seed was an original investor in NorthStar (although we no longer have any ownership) and I served on the NorthStar Board of Directors for their first 6 years of operation.  The first Roundup Ready soybeans we ever sold (back in 1999) came in a NorthStar bag!

So if you need Roundup Ready2Xtend Soybeans, Liberty-Link Corn, or Genuity SmartStax corn, give us a call or look at the NorthStar varieties on this website. 
If you want more information on NorthStar, here is a link to their website:

If you have questions, please email us at or give us a call at 800-352-5247

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