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Viking Brand Organic Corn & Seed Purity

Viking CornUSDA Organic
2019 promises to be another strong year for organic farmers. We continue to bolster our organic and non-GMO corn hybrid line-up with seed proven to perform across the Midwest and into the North East U.S.

Seed Purity

We understand that seed purity is very important to organic farmers, because it is very important to organic consumers. To meet that demand we are:
  • Bringing you more choices and more volume of Viking Ultra-Pure & Pure corn hybrids for 2019. Viking Ultra-Pure hybrids have generated a lot of interest around the country with their 99.9% GMO-Free Guarantee, and they also bring elite corn genetics that are unique to Viking Organic seed.
Expanded Organic Seed Choices
  • For organic farmers needing silage hybrids, we offer two classes of hybrids: Viking Leafy/Floury silage-specific hybrids and our Viking Grain/Silage dual-purpose hybrids.

Research & Development

  • Dedicated corn-silage product testing & development
  • Expanded organic & Non-GMO corn hybrid testing
  • On-organic-farm Organic hybrid performance evaluation
  • Multiple purification projects
  • Seed coating development with industry partners



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