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Organic Seed Corn

Organic Seed Corn

Viking CornUSDA Organic
As an Organic Farmer you know that your corn will be planted and grown under conditions quite different than "conventional” corn. You need hybrids that are specifically adapted to those organic conditions and cultural practices. At Albert Lea Seed we have been providing untreated and organic seed corn to organic farmers for more than 10 years. We have been listening to your needs and screening, selecting, and producing hybrids specifically for you.

  • Where does Viking Organic corn come from? We have good long-term relationships with all of the major corn inbred suppliers in the U.S. We participate in hybrid testing programs that allow us to walk dozens of plots and screen data from thousands of plots. We then select the hybrids we believe have the most potential for organic farmers and evaluate them in plots across the upper midwest before we grow hybrid seed to offer to you in a Viking bag. Our Viking Organic Corn is produced on Certified Organic Farms in the upper midwest and cleaned and graded in a Certified Organic processing facility.
  • Our investment in research and development. In 2008 we spent over $150,000 testing corn and soybean varieties. By putting in research plots for the major germplasm providers, we are participating in testing networks that allow us to see data from thousands of plots. In addition to this “network” testing, we also have our own multi-location replicated research plots looking specifically at current and potential organic hybrids, conventional, organic, and food-grade soybeans, and current and experimental seed treatments specifically for organic farmers. Our long-term goal is to develop a testing network of strip-trials on organic farms that allows us to screen potential organic hybrids under multiple organic environments.
  • Organic Seed versus Conventionally-Produced Untreated Seed. As you probably know, the USDA National Organic Program rules require that organic farmers plant organic seed unless “an equivalent organically produced variety is not available”. Although there is a good supply of organic seed corn for planting, we may sell out of organic corn in a certain maturity. In that case we will work to provide untreated conventionally-produced seed. We will never substitute non-organic seed without notifying you.