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Organic Soybeans

Organic Soybean Seed

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Organic farmers have unique needs for their soybean acres. As the first company in the United States to offer organic soybean seed, we have been working to meet those needs since 2000.

We offer Organic Soybean seed from 0.8 to a 3.0 maturity. Most of these varieties are selected specifically for their ability to perform under organic growing conditions, with an emphasis on emergence, speed-to-canopy, height, and tolerance to variable environmental conditions. We also carry true “Food” and “tofu” varieties that meet the specific quality specifications of the end-users.

We also offer Conventional Non-GMO varieties for those of you who have specific needs that are not available in any of our organic soybeans.

We also offer Conventionally-produced Food soybean varieties for those of you looking for seed of a specific food soybean that we do not carry organically.

A word on the Non-GMO status of our conventional soybeans:
Although we take great care to clean all of our soybean seed to the highest standards, we will not guarantee any of our soybean seed to be 100% free of GMOs. All of the varieties we sell as organic or specialty Non-GMO varieties are tested for the presence of GMOs. These tests are available on request.