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Organic farmers have unique needs for their soybean acres. As the first company in the United States to offer organic soybean seed, we have been working to meet those needs since 2000. Organic soybeans need to compete vigorously with weeds, stand well for ease of harvest, have strong agronomic stability and meet the quality and end-market specifications you are looking for. 

What is New? Naturally Occuring Aphid Resistance!
We are proud to offer five varieties of organic soybeans that have resistance to soybean aphid.  Whether you need feed-grade or food-grade soybeans with aphid resistance, we have them both.
For the 2016-2017 season we have multiple varieties that have naturally-occurring stacked resistance traits to aphids O.2188AT12N, O.IA2104RA12, & O.2399NAT12. These traits are derived through traditional breeding techniques and, of course, are non-GMO.  These varieties give you in-field protection from soybean aphids and reduce the spread and severity of aphid population outbreaks.   Keep in mind even aphid-resistant soybeans won't be aphid free, but numbers & in-field damage will be reduced significantly. 
The results are already coming in on our stacked aphid tolerant soybeans and they are impressive.

The O.2399AT12N are fantastic. The highest organic soybean yield I have ever had on my farm is about 47 Bu./acre. The O.2399AT12Ns averaged 60 Bu. over the whole field. We did have a lot of aphids this summer and the aphid-tolerance definitely made a difference." -Scott Shriver, (seed grower) Jefferson, IA.

"O.IA2104 and O.IA2104RA12 were planted side-by-side in the same field. The aphids came and went in the IA2104's. They were there, and then they got worse and then it rained and then they started to build their population again. But when you walked into the aphid-tolerant beans (O.IA2104RA12) there were not any aphids. Nothing.” -Ray Yokiel, (seed grower) Wells, MN.

We're confident that we have organic soybeans that can fit any farm, field or rotation and have the seed knowledge and dedicated customer service to back it up.  We look forward to helping you with your seed needs.

A word on the Non-GMO status of our organic & conventional soybeans:

Although we take great care to clean all of our soybean seed to the highest standards, we will not guarantee any of our soybean seed to be 100% free of GMOs. We do not guarantee that grain harvested from this seed will be marketable as non-GMO grain.  All of these soybeans are taken through the Minnesota Crop Improvement Association's 'Non-GMO Seed Program' which verifies that the seed we are selling is 99.5% free of the presence of GMOs.  All of the varieties we sell as organic or specialty Non-GMO varieties are tested for the presence of GMOs and we will not sell them if they are not 99.9% GMO free. Test results are available upon request.

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