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Cover Cropping in a Corn-Soybean Rotation by Sarah Carlson

Make it work! Sarah Carlson, Midwest Cover Crop Director at Practical Farmers of Iowa, reveals practical (of course) advice for farmers who want to work a cover crop into the corn-soybean rotation. From the 2017 Open House hosted by Albert Lea Seed.

Growth in Organic Markets & Imports Eric Jackson

Eric Jackson, CEO of Pipeline Foods, discussed the symbiotic, market-changing impact of linking farmers, distributors, producers, and consumers. Speaking at the 2017 Albert Lea Seed Open House.

Cover Crops and Soil Health with Ray Archuleta

Certified Professional Soil Scientist Ray Archuleta presented at the 2017 Albert Lea Seed Open House and delivered one of the most compelling presentations of the 3-day conference. In this video, Ray provides insight into how cover crops yield long-term benefit to soil management for farmers.

Ray Archuleta : Albert Lea Seed Open House 2017

From the 2017 Albert Lea Seed Open House November 16th, 2017 Ray Archuleta, former soil scientist with NRCS and currently with Soil Health Consultanting LLC, educating our growers about the big picture of building soil health across the agricultural landscape.

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