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When to Roller Crimp Rye with Jon Jovaag

Jon Jovaag, a farmer in Austin, MN, crimps a field of aroostook rye to get it ready to drill in Viking 1518N soybeans. The crimped rye will provide weed suppression for his soybeans so he won't need to cultivate all season. Hopefully.

How to Open a Seed Bag - Albert Lea Seed

Getting a seed bag open can be challenging...unless you're Tom Ehrhardt. He shows how to quickly and easily cut the string on a seed bag in seconds flat. "Years of experience," Tom says.

Albert Lea Seed Leafy Floury Corn - The BEST Silage Corn

Viking Leafy-Floury corn hybrids meet the agronomic and nutritional needs of dairy and beef producers. Viking Leafy-Floury corn hybrids have been bred for kernels with more floury starch than a dual-purpose corn hybrid. With more leaf area per plant, they need less time in the silo before they can be fed. All kernels are selected to be large, soft, and slow drying so that they will fracture easily during chopping and cow chewing for maximum starch digestibility. Ready for the science lesson? Viking Leafy-Floury contain a naturally occurring recessive gene called opaque-1. In the farmer’s field, a segregation of kernel type is seen on the ear. Approximately 25% of the kernels on each ear have completely floury interiors. The other 75% of the kernel set is composed of normal Leafy type kernels.

Farm Income Trends: The Good, The Bad, and The Reality

Dr. Joleen Hadrich, Applied Economics/Extension Economist at the University of Minnesota Extension provided a detailed look at what separates the top 20% producers from the bottom 20% in terms of input costs, land rental versus ownership, machinery purchases versus repair, and many other important considerations. Also she discussed the effect on farming success for farmers who have taken over the family farm. She also dusted off the crystal ball to make some predictions for 2019 markets. Dr. Hadrich spoke at the 2018 Albert Lea Seed Open House on November 30, 2018.

Rob Myers Profitable Cover Cropping

Dr. Rob Myers of SARE presented how farmers can use cover crops profitably. He was a keynote speaker at the 2018 Albert Lea Seed Open House.

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