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Changes with Viking & Albert Lea Seed

Viking Corn
Viking and Albert Lea Seed are making some changes that will benefit our customers by making us a more focused company.

What's happening? Two things:

1. Viking Corn & Soybeans (which is owned by Albert Lea Seed) is becoming a 100% non-traited brand that will develop and market non-GMO and Organic corn, soybeans
    and alfalfa seed
2. Albert Lea Seed is becoming a distributor for NorthStar Genetics traited corn and soybean seed.

In practical terms, this means that Viking no longer develop and sell traited seeds (such as Roundup Ready soybeans or Genuity SmartStax corn). Instead, Albert Lea Seed will
be supplying them through NorthStar Genetics.  You'll still be able to get everything you need from Albert Lea Seed, but all our traited seed will come in a NorthStar bag. If
you need traited seed, you'll have the benefit of NorthStar's reach, expertise and expanded choices--as in more maturities and traits (think LibertyLink soybeans and Roundup
Ready 2 Xtend soybeans).

Who is NorthStar?
NorthStar is, like us, an independent farm seed company based in Minnesota. They have licenses for traits and genetics from all the major companies.  We've known them for as
long as they've been in business (some 20 years). In fact, the first Roundup Ready soybeans we carried were in a NorthStar bag. This new partnership will be a continuation of
work we've done with them, which means Albert Lea Seed will have a role in product development. In other words, we'll still be bringing you trait and genetic combinations that
are specially selected for Southern Minnesota, Northern Iowa and Western Wisconsin. In fact, we will still be carrying most of your favorite hybrids!

Focusing on What We Know Best
The reason for the change is simple: It's time for us to focus on what we know best, which is developing, testing and supplying non-traited seed. For a decade, the fastest-growing part of
Viking and Albert Lea Seed has been conventional non-GMO and Organic seed.  We support all streams of agriculture, but we don't have the resources to develop traited seed and
compete with Syngenta, Monsanto and Dow/DuPont. But we do have the resources and the passion to develop and deliver the best conventional non-GMO hybrids, varieties and
innovation to those farmers that need them.

Making the Most of Our Team's Experience

What's not changing is our ownership or our team. You'll still be working with the same folks. They know their stuff and they've been in the business a long time--some of them for decades.

Moving Forward
As we make this transition over the next few months, we'll keep you in the loop.  In the meantime, if you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out. We sincerely appreciate your
business and look forward to working with you for years to come.

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