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Viking Seed: Planting Seeds of Success

Viking Corn
We understand that there is nothing casual about a seed purchase. You're a business person, making buying decisions about an input that is critical to your profitability. We take our responsibility very seriously.

A customer of ours near Lamberton, MN, recently said to me, “I buy seed from you guys because it has performed very well and I like doing business with you. I know that you care.” That's the key. I believe we've enjoyed 80-plus years of success in the seed business because we do care about our customers' success.

We've also prospered over the years because we've stuck to a simple formula—offer choice, performance, and value to farmers. 

As we've said before, our independence enables us to offer you more Choices than the average seed company. For example, we offer conventional corn. And we have LibertyLink® beans, which you can't buy just anywhere. For you, it's the best of everything, carefully selected to be well suited to the farming conditions in our part of the country.

Choice is fantastic. But in this day of constantly expanding trait packages and seed treatment options, choice can also be confusing. Our job is to make it simple, and the best way to do that is one-on-one. It doesn't help when I toss a list of 66 possible hybrids on your kitchen table. Our role as seed experts is to ask the right questions, and understand how you farm, so we can recommend the best handful of hybrids for your fields.

Of course, choice without Performance doesn't accomplish much. We continue to expand our testing network, conducting more than 36 replicated pre-commercial trials in MN, ND, SD, WI, and IA this year. In addition, we have more entries than ever in university and FIRST trials, so you can see how our products stand up next to everyone else (historically, the answer has been "very well").

Put choice and performance together and you have Value. That word used to translate to dollars per bag, but we recognize that we have to offer the best available hybrids at competitive prices just to get a seat at the table. We believe that true value involves placing the right hybrid or variety on each field and delivering the service and information that you need to get the most from that seed. 

Finally, I want to conclude by saying how excited we are about our new relationship with NorthStar Genetics seed. They will be marketing Viking Hybrids in northern Minnesota, North Dakota, and northern South Dakota. This partnership is good for our company because it gives us additional resources. That, in turn, is good for you, because those resources improve our ability to offer you the best products and services.

-Mac Ehrhardt (President)