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Let's start with price.  It's no secret that markets are down.  You don't need us to tell you that operating loans will be harder come by and every input cost needs to be scrutinized.  What you want to know is, what are we doing about it here at Viking Seed?
First and foremost, we are not raising prices on corn and soybean seed.  In fact, in many cases we are lowering them.
As we've said before, an attractive price is only a good value if the seed performs.  That said, we can confidently say that we continue to offer one of the best band-for-the-buck corn and soybean line-ups in the industry.  Performance comes first, and Viking corn and soybeans can go toe-to-toe with anybody.  And, frankly, our overhead costs are lower than the big companies we can offer very competitive pricing. 

Conventional Corn Headquarters
We continue to sell more conventional corn every year.  Why? Managed properly, it yields just as much as stacked-trait corn and makes our customers more money.  That sounds pretty attractive in today's ag economy. 
Our commitment to conventional corn has never been stronger.  We are testing every new conventional hybrid available to us in our private, replicated testing program.  This year, our lineup includes 23 conventional hybrids with maturities ranging from 85-114 days. 

offer true choice. Because we work with all the major breeding programs in the US (and some of the small ones as well) our germplasm pipeline is incredibly wide.  Because we're independent, we can offer you choices from all these sources that truly fit your acres and the way you farm them.  If you want Genuity SmartStax, Roundup Ready, LibertyLink, or conventional options, we have them.

Viking seed conducts our own replicated testing, comparing the newest genetics and traits so we can offer you the best options available.  Year after year, Viking brand hybrids and varieties compete head-to-head with the best, frequently turning in the top yields in university and FIRST trials. 

Everything we've listed translates to value.  Now add in excellent return on investment, expert agronomic advice, responsive service
, and simple, consistent, fair pricing (everybody pays the same price--it doesn't get any fairer than that) and you can understand why more people buy seed every year.
If you're looking for affordable seed choices that don't force you to sacrifice performance, your best choice is Viking brand corn and soybean seed.
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