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100% Focused on Conventional Non-GMO and Organic Seed

For many seed companies, conventional and organic seed is an afterthought or a sideline. Not for us.

Viking corn and soybeans is 100% focused on conventional non-GMO and organic seed. Our time is spent sourcing, developing, and maintaining purely non-GMO and organic genetic lines.

Farmers deserve seed that has been developed specifically for their farm.

Viking sources germplasm from domestic and international breeding programs, large and small. We evaluate and trial that germplasm for its ability to perform for the farmers likely to plant it. And then we purify and produce that seed and test the heck out of it before we ship it to you.

Performance for your farm.

Elite hybrids. Conventional farmers planting conventional corn for feed, food, and fuel need best-in-class, modern hybrids with outstanding yield potential and the agronomics to handle intensive management. We’ve got’em. We can say without hesitation that we have hybrids and soybean varieties that will yield and perform with the best available traited products when managed properly.

Viking Pure & Ultra-Pure Seed Corn:

Viking Pure

Viking Ultra Pure

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The purest non GMO seed corn on the market.

You can’t grow non-GMO grain if the seed you are planting has high levels of GMOs. Conventional and organic farmers growing corn and soybeans for a specific non-GMO end-user need to know how much GMO is in the seed they are planting. To meet that need we developed the seed industry’s first Non-GMO Purity guarantee. Viking Ultra-Pure seed is guaranteed to be 99.9% GMO-free. Viking Pure seed is guaranteed to be 99% GMO-free.

Silage Corn

Dairy and livestock farmers growing corn for silage need seed choices with the performance and purity to meet their needs.

  • Viking Grain / Silage Hybrids

    Dual-purpose hybrids that have been tested for their ability to produce milk/acre and milk/ton.

  • Viking Leafy-Floury Hybrids

    Silage-specific hybrids that express the leafy-floury characteristic for those dairy producers needing to maximize the production of high-quality milk.

Conventional Non-GMO Silage Hybrids Organic Silage Hybrids
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