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Viking Seed: Planting Seeds of Success

Viking Corn
Why plant Viking Soybean Seed? For the same reasons so many farmers choose to plant our corn:
Choice; Performance; Value.

We offer you more real choices than any other seed company in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. Don’t believe it? Try to buy Liberty-Link soybeans or Conventional soybeans from one of the 40 Monsanto-owned seed companies. Sure, we offer a very competitive lineup of Roundup Ready™ soybeans. But we don’t think it’s right to tell our customers that’s the only choice they have. So if you grow conventional soybeans for a premium or want to try Liberty-Link soybeans to manage weed resistance, we are happy to help. Freedom to choose: it’s one of the things that makes this country great.

Performance: Yield is the single most important measure of soybean performance. Viking soybeans yield. In county plots, FIRST Trials, State Yield trials, and (most importantly) on your farm, Viking soybeans have proven themselves again and again. How can a small company such as ours have varieties that compete with the giants of the seed industry? It’s pretty simple: we license genetics from them. We hold licenses with the major genetic suppliers and we participate in testing networks that allow us access to thousands of replicated plots. It’s our job to use that data as part of the selection process to choose the varieties that perform the best in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and South Dakota.

Value: We measure value the same way you do: return per acre. First, you need yield. We are happy to put our soybean varieties cotyledon-to-cotyledon against any soybeans you plant. Seed cost/acre is also an important part of value. We offer a great price on True-Bulk soybean seed to save you money. We also offer cash management tools such as Early Pay Discounts and FarmPlan financing as another way to reduce your seed cost/acre. As seed has gotten more expensive, protecting the genetic potential of your seed has become essential. We offer an outstanding line of generic soybean seed treatments as another way to reduce your costs while improving your bottom line.

The bottom line is that Viking Soybean Seed will make you more money per acre. We firmly believe that if we give our customers the Choice, Performance, and Value they need to be successful, then we will also be successful.

-Mac Ehrhardt (President)