Early Season Discount on Select KWS Hybrid Rye Varieties

Hybrid rye provides farmers an opportunity for a third crop in a corn-soybean rotation. Carefully bred for very high grain and biomass yields, excellent lodging resistance, and low ergot, hybrid rye is superior to “standard” open-pollinated winter rye varieties. In other words, hybrid winter rye is not your grandfather’s cereal rye. Interest in hybrid rye […]

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Organic Agronomy Training Series pilot sessions offer education for agronomists, crop advisors

As demand for organic grain products soars, newly certified organic grain farmers — or those in the process of transitioning to organic grain — struggle to find reliable technical service and support as they navigate this new production system. Upcoming two-day pilot sessions of the Organic Agronomy Training Series (OATS) can help agronomists, crop advisors, extension agents, […]

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Hybrid Rye Field Days 2019

With only two more hybrid rye field days coming up, farmers should RSVP now. Two upcoming field days (Rose Creek, Minnesota, and East Troy, Wisconsin) will showcase the power of hybrid winter rye for feed, forage, and food/distillation markets. This is not your grandfather’s cereal rye. The Hybrid Rye Field Days will demonstrate how farmers can […]

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Cover Crop Usage Exploding in U.S.

The USDA released its Census of Agriculture, and within that data, the results showed a jaw-dropping 67 percent increase in the use of cover crops by U.S. farmers from 2012 to 2017. Across all U.S. states, farmers reported planting 15.4 million acres of cover crops in 2017 compared to 10.2 million acres in 2012. Also of […]

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The Return of the Prodigal Agronomist

We are very happy to announce the re-hiring of Matt Leavitt! He’s back! Matt Leavitt, Organic Agronomist, re-joined the Albert Lea Seed team. Just in time for the new year, Matt has returned to take over some of his previous duties (in combination with Bairet Eiter and Margaret Snith) and he will be adding some new […]

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