A Tale of Two Rye Plantings

by Margaret Smith, PhD ∙ Agronomist Tips for Rolling and Crimping Winter Rye before Organic Soybeans Decisions for Less-than-Ideal Conditions Two neighbors in north-central Iowa are fairly new to organic farming and both experimenting with winter rye as a mulch cover for their transitional and organic soybeans. Both of their fields were planted last fall […]

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Hybrid Rye Varieties Shine in 2019 Iowa Trials

by Chaunce Stanton Marketing Manager   Iowa State University and Practical Farmers of Iowa released the results of a three-location trial that included six varieties of cereal rye, two of which were hybrid rye varieties. Long story short: The two hybrid rye varieties were the top-yielding performers at all three locations with more yield, slightly […]

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Rye: Seven Diseases and Treatment Recommendations

by Claus Nymand KWS Product Manager, Hybrid Rye, USA and Canada   Plant breeding company KWS released a line of hybrid winter rye in the U.S. about three years ago, and Albert Lea Seed is proud to carry these hybrids for farmers looking for a grain crop or cover crop. The good news is that we haven’t […]

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Who’s Buying Rye? Grain Market Buyers for Rye

Market Buyers for Your Rye Harvest in the Midwest We’re encouraged by the increasing amount of farmers who are growing rye in the Upper Midwest. We receive calls from farmers wondering where they can sell their rye harvests. Here is a list of companies that may be buying loads of rye from farmers. We don’t claim that […]

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Hybrid Rye Planting and Management Tips

Hybrid rye is bred to produce high-yielding rye cereal grain and forage with low incidences of ergot, thanks to its trait of shedding pollen within a short period of time. Research shows it is effective for weed suppression, nutrient scavenging, and as an animal feed ration component. Here are some tips for growing and managing […]

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