Should I Plant Organic Soybeans Before Corn?

by Margaret Smith, PhD, Forage Agronomist & Matt Leavitt, Organic Lead/Agronomist Good weather conditions this spring have encouraged questions from a number of organic producers: “If conditions remain dry and warmer than average, can I plant my organic soybeans before organic corn?” The short answer is ‘probably not’, unless you are very confident in your […]

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Organic Yield Trial Results – On Organic Farms

by Mac Ehrhardt, President, Co-Owner Organic farmers want to know how their corn hybrids and soybean varieties perform under organic conditions. Albert Lea Seed conducted replicated testing of organic corn and soybean seed on organic farms in Minnesota and Iowa. Yes, some universities are conducting organic yield trials on corn and/or soybeans, which is a […]

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2019 Stand Out Viking Corn & Soybeans

Regardless of whether you farm conventionally or if your operation is certified organic, the 2019 Viking Corn & Soybean line up has top performers developed for farmers in the Midwest. by Jake Hansen Product Manager/Agronomist   CONVENTIONAL CORN & SOYBEANS Conventional Corn Viking 44-98: 98-Day RM Proven performance in 2 years of yield trials and […]

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