(Medicago sativa)

Alfalfa is a tap-rooted, multi-cut, perennial forage legume. It is very productive, drought tolerant, widely adapted, and is the second most commonly planted forage legume in the world. We carry a wide range of alfalfa varieties to fit most farming situations and budgets.


When selecting an alfalfa variety, the key considerations are: how long will the field be in production, how many cuttings a year do you plan to take, what is the end use for the forage (quality needs), and what are the unique challenges for the field location (disease / insects)?


HD: Highly Digestible
Alfalfa lines with the HD distinction are tested for quality from the very first selection by the breeders. These lines have low lignin levels resulting in milk/ton numbers that are first in class.

HQ: High Quality
Highest quality alfalfa lines from WL, one of the largest alfalfa breeding programs in the world.

AP: Aphanomyces Race 2 Resistance
Farmers in northeast Iowa, southeast Minnesota, and southwest Wisconsin face challenges with Aphanomyces root rot in alfalfa. If you are in one of these regions choose a variety with race 2 Aphanomyces resistance. These varieties also have resistance to race 1.

LH: Leaf Hopper Resistance
These varieties maintain strong yields and forage quality under heavy pressure from leafhoppers.

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