Barenbrug Alice Grazing White Clover


  • Excellent grazing tolerance
  • An improved variety of ladino white clover with large leaves
  • Grows up to 12 in. tall
  • Winter hardy and quick to establish
  • Excellent production and balance with pasture grasses
  • Coated with Nitro-Coat® – OMRI Listed

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White Clover

White clover is a perennial legume that is more persistent than red clover. It can withstand heavy field traffic and thrive under shady, moist conditions.

Types: Cultivars of white clover are grouped by plant height and leaf size.

White Dutch is short growing but has the greatest persistence and winter hardiness.

New Zealand is intermediate in height, flowers profusely and has some heat tolerance.

Ladino fixes the most nitrogen, is taller and higher yielding, but less persistent than White Dutch.

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