Bee Feed Mix

A blend of annual and perennial flowers provide nectar and pollen to wild bees, honey bees, and other pollinators. Contains early-, mid-, and late-blooming flowers in order to provide bee forage all season long. Flowers are suitable for short-tongued and long-tongued bees and come in a wide range of colors for an attractive display. Recommended for maintained plantings. Occasional replanting may be required to maintain a thick stand.


Rate per Acre: 6-12 lbs

Rate per 1,000 sq. ft.: 5 oz

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Wildflower Mixtures

Plant into weed-free soil in spring, early summer or late fall.  Weeds are inevitable during establishment and should be pulled or mowed off before they go to seed or become too competitive with the flowers.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4.09 × 4.09 × 4.09 in