Birdsfoot Trefoil


  • Deep-rooted, winter-hardy perennial legume with yellow blossoms
  • Does not cause bloat when grazed
  • Holds its leaves at maturity better than clovers and alfalfa but challenging to dry and harvest for hay
  • Good N fixer
  • Slow establishment and potentially invasive habits

Best Use: Grazing, long-term pasture, or cover plant for roadsides, ditches, and wildlife

Adaptation: Tolerant of poorly drained, saline, acidic or alkaline soils

Management: Allow self-seeding every 3 years to maintain stand life.

Planting Date: February – May, July 15 – August 30. Can be frost-seeded.

Seeding: Drill 2-4 lbs/acre in a mix, 6-10 lbs/acre straight ¼ in. deep or broadcast and roll

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