Cover Crop Brand Oats (VNS)

  • Economical blend of cleaned & germ-tested oat seed
  • Good option for chopping, baling or cover cropping

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Spring Oats

Oats are an annual cereal grain that can be used as a nurse crop to establish alfalfa, chopped for livestock feed, or raised for grain. Spring oats are planted very early in the spring, are tolerant to cold, fast establishing, and mature in the middle of the summer. We are a dedicated supporter of oat breeding at the University level and carry a diverse selection of oat varieties to suit any purpose.
Cover Crop Brand Oats (VNS)
Performance Table
VarietyMaturityPlant HeightStraw StrengthTest Wt.Seed ColorCrown RustAvg. Yield 3-Year (bu)
Cover Crop Brand Oats (VNS)VariesVariesVariesVariesVariesNANA
Antigo OatsEarlyShortVery StrongVery HighYellow2113
Reins OatsEarlyShortVery StrongVery HighTan6124
Shelby 427 OatsEarly-MedMedAvgVery HighWhite6114
Hayden OatsMedMedAvgVery HighWhite6136
Deon OatsLateTallStrongAvgYellow3132
Forage Plus OatsVery LateVery TallNANANANANA

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