Cover Crop Brand Oats (VNS)

Economical oat blend suitable for cover cropping and fall forage.

Oats are fast establishing, produce abundant biomass, and are competitive with weeds. Fibrous root system builds soil structure and captures excess nutrients. Oats are good scavengers of P and other soil nutrients. Easy to control and can fit into almost any rotation. Oats will winterkill.

  • Cost-effective cover crop choice for soil coverage in the in fall
  • Excellent biomass production and fall forage potential
  • Best fit after small grains, vegetables, corn silage, or early soybeans. Not a good fit after grain corn or soybeans
  • Limited success with aerial application

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Cover Crop Brand Oats (VNS)
Performance Table
Species NameDrilledBroadcast/AerialIn MixApprox. Seeds/lbSeeding Date RangeSeeding DepthWinter Kill
Cover Crop Brand Oats (VNS)80-96128-14448-6416,000Mar-May, Aug-Sept½- ¾ inchYES
Winter Rye (VNS)50-100120-15025-7518,000Aug-Nov½- ¾ inchNO
Aroostook Winter Rye50-100120-15025-7518,000Aug-Nov½- ¾ inchNO
Cover Crop Barley (VNS)72-96120-14448-6414,300Mar-May, Aug-Sept½- ¾ inchYES
RootMax Annual Ryegrass15-2025-304-5227,000Mar-May, Aug-Sept¼ - ½ inchYES
Viking 100 Brand Sorghum-Sudangrass Untreated20-2530-355-1018,000Mid-May- Early July½ - 1 inchYES
Buckwheat50-100NA15-2515,000May-Aug½ - 1½ inchYES
Peredovik Black Oil Sunflower3-4NA1-25,000April-Aug1 – 3½ inchYES
Phacelia7-12NA3-5220,000Aug-Sept¼ inchYES

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Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 12.98 × 12.98 × 12.98 in
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