Icicle Winter Peas

  • Strong winter hardiness – potential for overwintering in the Upper Midwest
  • Excellent root system and high biomass production in the spring
  • Small seed with good viability; lowers seeding costs
  • White flower; more digestible, and sweeter tasting to livestock compared to Austrian Winter peas
  • Can be used as spring forage pea in cover crop mixes or forage blends

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Winter Peas

Viney, low-growing, cool-season annual legume. Excellent forage quality for livestock & deer. Commonly used as a cover crop; can withstand colder temperatures in the fall compared to field peas. Can produce up to 2-4 tons dry matter/acre. Pea residue breaks down quickly. Austrian winter peas can provide from 90 to 150 lbs nitrogen/acre.