Viking N2358 Non-GMO Soybeans

2.3 RM


Hilum: Brown

Protein: High

Seed Size: Medium-Large

End Use: Feed Grade

  • Bred to make superior animal feed
  • Extremely high protein (44-45%)
  • Low anti-nutritionals (raffinose & stachyose)
  • Heat treatment needed for non-ruminant feeding to break down trypsin inhibitors
  • Animal studies have shown dramatic advantages in feed-use efficiency
  • Very competitive yields
  • Excellent all-around defense

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Viking N2358 Non-GMO Soybeans
Performance Table
VarietyMaturityEmerg.HeightPlant TypeLodgingBrown Stem RotPhyto. GenePhyto Tol.Iron Chlor.Cyst GeneCyst Tol.White MoldSDSHilumProtein
Viking N2358 Non-GMO Soybeans2.38MTMB7IDRps1c78PI887887ID7BrownHigh+
Organic Viking O.0654AT Soybeans0.77IDID6IDID45IDIDIDIDBlackAvg
Organic Viking O.1202N Soybeans1.27MMB7IDRps1k85PI887887IDIDBrownAbove Avg
Organic Viking O.1518N Soybeans1.58MM87none77PI8878876IDBlackAvg
Organic Viking O.1544AT Soybeans1.55MMB7IDnone67S4IDIDBlackAvg
Organic Viking O.1706N Soybeans1.77MTB57none75FT687BlackAvg
Organic O.IA1029 Soybeans1.84MMB5IDnoneIDIDS4IDIDYellowVery High
Organic Viking O.1955AT Soybeans1.97MM73none74FT665BrownAvg
Organic O.e1993N Soybeans1.96MMB85Rps1k76PI887887ID6Imp. BlackAvg
Organic O.IA2104 Soybeans2.04MMB6IDnoneID5S4ID5YellowVery High
Organic O.IA2113RA12 Soybeans2.24MTMB4IDnoneID7S4IDIDYellowVery High
Organic Viking O.2265 Soybeans2.28MTMB87none75FT687BlackAvg
Organic Viking O.2299NUP Soybeans2.36TMB55noneID7PI88788765YellowAvg
Organic Viking O.2188AT12NUP Soybeans2.56MMB55noneID7PI88788765YellowAbove Avg
Organic Viking O.2518N Soybeans2.58MTM87none77PI887887IDIDBlackAvg

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 5 × 38 in