Organic ND Genesis 2-Row Spring Barley

Certified Blue Tag
  • High-yielding malting barley from NDSU
  • Higher yields than Pinnacle & better malting quality
  • Large kernel size, low protein = good fit for warm zones
  • Taller & better lodging resistance than Conlon
  • Good leaf disease resistance
  • Requires a license agreement

$20.00 / 48lb Bushel Bag

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Barley is an annual cereal grain used primarily for livestock feed and forage, and for malting. Barley grain has a similar nutrient profile to corn making it a valuable and versatile feed grain. Spring Barley is planted early in the spring and prefers well-drained, fertile soils for optimum production (avoid ground that had corn as the previous crop). We carry field-tested barley varieties that fit the diverse needs of producers.

Organic ND Genesis 2-Row Spring Barley
Performance Table
Trial Data
VarietyTypeDays to HeadingHeight (in)Straw StrengthUseAwns/Rachilla HairsProteinScabAvg. Yield 3-yr
Organic ND Genesis 2-Row Spring Barley2-row55354.0MaltSemi-Smooth Long11.65.0102
Organic Morex 6-Row Spring Barley6-rowMed.ShortStrongFeed ForageSemi-SmoothNANAMed-High
Quest 6-Row Spring Barley6-row54366.0Feed Forage MaltSemi-Smooth Long13.65.0103
Organic Robust 6-Row Barley6-row55385.0Feed ForageSemi-Smooth Short13.89.099
Organic Conlon 2-Row Spring Barley2-row52335.0Malt FeedSemi-Smooth Long13.74.089
Organic Hays Forage Barley2-row6538StrongForageAwnless NoneNANANA

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Weight 49 lbs