Shelly Hard Red Spring Wheat

Certified Blue Tag
  • Top yield, shorter height, widely adaptable
  • Yields equal to Prosper, but slightly higher protein
  • Good disease resistance
  • 2016 U of M release

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Shelly Hard Red Spring Wheat
Performance Table
VarietyDays to HeadingPlant Height (inches)Test Wt. 2-yr (lbs/bu)Straw StrengthBaking Milling QualityLeaf RustScabAvg. Yield 3-yr (bu)Protein % 2-yr Avg
Shelly Hard Red Spring Wheat57.429.559.4Avg53474.414.1
Lang-MN Hard Red Spring Wheat57.332.760.6Avg31373.014.8
Bolles Hard Red Spring Wheat57.832.359.2Strong12466.716.1
Organic ND VitPro Hard Red Spring Wheat54.232.261.4Strong23367.415.2

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Weight 51 lbs