Viking 150 Brand Sorghum-Sudangrass

  • Delayed maturity compared with Viking 100
  • Heads about 20-30 days later than conventional sorghum sudan hybrids, widening the window for high-quality vegetative harvest
  • Ideal for very high yield, single-cut harvest, saving time and trips across the field
  • Higher protein and digestibility than other conventional sorghum sudan hybrids

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A hybrid cross between forage sorghum and sudangrass; intermediate in size and yield. Fast-growing, highly productive, multi-cut, warm-season annual grass bred to maximize summer forage. Can grow 8’ tall if left uncut. Protein can reach 14% but has less energy than corn silage, because it lacks grain.


Best Use:

Best suited for grazing, green chop, baleage, or silage.


Good soils, but is drought tolerant. Likes hot weather. All hybrids we sell are resistant to downy mildew and anthracnose.


  • Harvest between 40”-50” (boot stage) for highest quality feed.
  • Cut 6” above ground for best regrowth. Larger stems make drying for hay more difficult than with sudangrass.
  • High planting rates produce finer stems which dry better with increased quality.
  • Manage risk for prussic acid and nitrate concentrations during drought or following frost.

Planting Date:

Late-May – early July (soil temps 62°F+)


20-30 lbs/acre drilled, 25- 35 lbs/ acre broadcast. Use high end of the rate for finer stems and faster drydown. Plant ¾”-1½” deep.


Click here to learn more about Alternative Forage Crops. by Dr. Dan Undersander, Forage Agronomist at the University of Wisconsin.

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