Viking 230 BMR Sorghum Sudangrass (Untreated)

  • Brachytic Dwarf for maximum leaf area and standability
  • Gene 6 BMR variety
  • High sugar content and palatability
  • Late Maturity


Viking 230 has reduced internode length, creating a very compact, leafy and prolific plant. However, it will yield with the taller sorghum-sudangrass hybrids due to the standability and tillering attributes of the Brachytic dwarf trait. Producers will have the best of both worlds, excellent forage qualities from BMR-6 and a dependable high-yielding feedstock.

A fast-growing, highly productive, multi-cut annual grass hybrid cross between sorghum and sudangrass that is perfect for summer forage. High plant rates produce fine stems that dry easier with increased quality. Protein of 9-14%, but less energy than corn silage because it lacks grain.

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Adaptation & Use: Good soils, but is drought tolerant. Likes hot weather. Best suited for grazing, green chop, baleage, or silage.

Harvest & Management: Usually harvested 45-60 days after seeding. Protein will decline as harvest is delayed, but energy will increase upon heading due to continued sugar formation I the sorghum stalks and leaves, and carbohydrate deposition in the developing grains. Cut 6? above ground for best regrowth. Larger stems make drying for hay more difficult than for sudangrass. Manage potential for prussic acid and nitrate buildup.

Planting Date: Mid-May to early July (soil temps 62°F+)

Seeding: 20-30 lbs/acre drilled, 25-35 lbs/acre broadcast. High end of the rate for hay production. ¾”-1½” deep.


Click here to learn more about Alternative Forage Crops. by Dr. Dan Undersander, Forage Agronomist at the University of Wisconsin.

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